Clarity ~ Confidence ~ Courage ~ Women’s Empowerment


I help  women rescue, reclaim and redefine their lives with clarity, confidence and courage.
  • Stop self-defeating habits & beliefs
  • Increase self-esteem & confidence
  • Take bold action to thrive 
YES - You can & deserve to create a joyful, fulfilled life !
  • Clarity

Get clear on what you deeply desire.

  • Confidence

Start healing, build personal self-esteem.

  • Courage

Take bold action, that support your new lifestyle.

Figuring out the next steps of life can feel isolating. Do you struggle with:

  • Feeling stuck and unclear on how to move forward?
  • Feeling confident that you can achieve your goals ?
  • Having difficulty saying “no” and prioritizing your needs?
  • Feeling motivated to take action toward a better life?

Give yourself permission to create a beautiful, satisfying, joyful life!

As a coach and speaker I help professional, smart, heart-centered women learn how to create happier,
more satisfying, abundant lives. Whether you are trying to build confidence, going through a life transition or need to discover and re-connect with your authentic identity, I will support you on your journey.


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I’m Tiffiny and I know how going through difficulties in life can leave you feeling drained, disappointed, and unsure about the next chapter of your journey. Several years ago after a painful divorce and getting laid off my full time career I went through the same thing:
  • My self-esteem had hit rock bottom
  • I was scared and felt ashamed
  • I wanted a better life, but I didn't quite know how to get there
That’s when I created the CCC method, and it worked for me.
Now as a results-based transformational coach and speaker using the CCC method, I help women get unstuck, get clear on their goals, build their self-esteem and confidence; and create an action plan that helps them completely step into their power and love their lives.

How Much Time Are You Losing?

Time is the most valuable asset that you have. How much time do you have to continue to

  • live in anxiety and fear
  • sacrifice your needs to please others
  • not achieve your goals
  • attract poor/negative relationships
  • regret your decisions

You only have so much time to live a life that brings you peace, joy and satisfaction before it’s all over. How longer can you wait to be happy and live your dreams?

Learn How To Be The Hero Of Your Life

When you join the CCC community and start the journey to clarity, confidence and courage you will

  • take back your time and get clear on your desires
  • prioritize self-care and better health
  • clean up your life and create firm boundaries
  • mentally and emotionally heal
  • and stop wasting time.

Achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams, become the women you never believed you could be.


Clarity, Confidence and Courage is a game changer! Listen to what my happy client’s have to say for women who are thinking about doing this life-changing program:

Click Here to get your FAQ's answered plus learn more about the Clarity, Confidence, Courage system and how it has helped other smart, hard-working, heart-centered, women just like you have more loving relationships, increase their abundance, have better health, decrease stress and build the compass to their dream life!

Written testimonials

Before working with Tiffiny, I was overweight, felt unhealthy, and too intimidated to go the gym. I was stressed, working long hours, and not taking care of myself, and I wanted to get fit and bring more balance into my life.

When I started with Tiffiny, I thought I only needed help with issues around my weight and to gain the courage to go to the gym. But she helped me gain clarity in recognizing that the outside physical aspects of my life were just a symptom of what I really needed to focus on. She not only helped me gain the confidence to work out on my own, she helped me understand that I was mentally and emotionally strong. The coaching has made me realize there are no right or wrong answers in my life and that I have control over my own decisions.

Since working with Tiffiny I have lost 30lbs and feel like I am living an overall healthier life. I have also learned how to give myself credit and compassion. Her strategies around defeating negative self-talk helped me understand how to talk myself into a better mood and know that I am worthy.

-Carolyn Acker

Before working with Tiffiny I was dealing with tons of work-related stress. Having a go-getter personality, I was trying to understand how I could balance my work/life schedule and gain more time for myself to relax. I wanted to understand better ways to push past my mind clutter and think through other goals that I wanted to accomplish for my life.

Working with Tiffiny helped me gain clarity around various things that were sucking my energy and taking up my time. I learned to start taking time to focus on slowing down so that I could clear my mind. The coaching calls gave me an opportunity to think through areas of my life where I could rearrange my schedule in order to have more time to breathe and think.

Working with Tiffiny really opened me up to a new way of learning to deal with stress. She has a way of guiding you deep realizations about blocks that may be holding you back and how to overcome them. I have added meditation to my weekly schedule and have learned to slow down and take time for myself.

-Rhonda Moore-Kelley

As a woman with a busy career, I am dedicated to constantly improving myself, improving my abilities and boosting my performance. I am energized by Tiffiny's drive and courage to share her journey. She inspires me to step beyond my fears in order to see my dreams come to life. She has shared some great resources to help organize my thoughts and the tools I found for my business as well as outline a manageable plan around my goals.

In addition, Tiffiny has helped shift my perspective around affirmations and positive self-talk. Previously, I had a tough time with doing regular affirmations and speaking with intention. Tiffiny normalized my anxiety around this and provided practical ways to get more comfortable with this idea and enhance my practice.

I am definitely becoming more comfortable using words of affirmation and receiving them as well. I am so thankful to have Tiffiny’s expertise around self-development, confidence and positive self-reflection.

-Brandee Brewer-Hicks

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