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Tiffiny has a B.A. in Psychology, and master’s degree in Public Health Education. She worked in consulting for over 16 years, as well as previously owning a fitness and health business. In her personal life, she used personal development, mindset and health strategies to go from being overworked in a demanding corporate career, emotionally drained in a toxic marriage, physically unhealthy, and depressed to becoming an award-winning figure level bodybuilding athlete and entrepreneur. As a women’s empowerment coach, she works to help women get clear on their goals, build confidence, increase self-esteem, take action on their deep desires and create a life they love

Jul 05

Healing From Narcissistic Abuse – The Ultimate Guide to Recovery

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Confidence

Some people are borderline narcissists meaning, they don’t have a clinical disorder, but they do show the behavior traits of a narcissist. Unfortunately, when you are in a relationship with a narcissist you may feel like something is not right but not quite sure what the problem is. Narcissists are great at manipulating you to make you believe, “it’s all in your head” or that nothing is really wrong.

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Jun 07

My Marriage Experience and How It Led to Divorce (What I Learned Through the Process)

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Divorce

Getting divorced was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Not because of the money, or selling our house, or physically separating. The reason it was so difficult for me was that it was the first time, I had admitted that my safety, mental and physical wellbeing was the most important thing in my life. I had to put myself first, I had to surrender to the pain, I had to allow myself to hurt, to cry, and to break.

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