Bringing Balance to Your Life Workbook

Hey beautiful, have you ever just felt like you were just waking up and rushing to get through each day?  As if your to-do list was longer than the time you had to finish it?!

Well trust me you are not alone!  But life is about more than just getting “the list” done; it’s about enjoying the special moments, savoring exciting experiences, being satisfied with accomplishments and feeling joy while hitting your life goals.

That’s why I created the, Bring Balance to Your Life Workbook. To help smart, go-getter women just like you understand how to align your energy with your top priorities. And how to make sure your top priorities are really, really, REALLY, bringing you joy, peace and happiness.

This Workbook helps you to assess where your life is, based on your level of satisfaction in the eight most important areas of your life:

  • Personal Growth
  • Fun/Leisure
  • Home Environment
  • Career
  • Money
  • Health
  • Family & Friends
  • Significant other
solitary woman on a beach spreading sand through the air in the shape of a heart, during a sunset

It gives you step by step instruction on thinking through each area to see how you can start improving the areas you most desire.


The idea here is to start creating the vision of how you want your life to feel, the goals that are most important to you and how to manage your schedule in order to achieve that grand vision.

The sections for this workbook include:

  • The Wheel of Life – this exercise is about rating your satisfaction in eight key areas of your life and how you plan to improve each area.
  • Visualizing Success – using what you learned during the wheel of life section to go deeper into mapping out the ultimate vision for each of the eight key areas of your life.  What would it be like to have that dream career?  How about traveling the world with the love of your life?  
  • Harmony Schedule and Life Pie Chart – an in-depth plan to capture the most important tasks for each day so you can get laser focused on those priorities.  This guide also helps you reflect on possible action steps you can take to start lining up your schedule with your priorities. The concept is to give the most important aspects of your life the needed attention so as to have harmony instead of overwhelm.



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