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The 5 keys to magnetizing confidence
Course: The Five Keys to Magnetizing Confidence 

Successful, smart, women build their confidence to create lives that move them closer to their goals.  They use the 5 most powerful aspects of confidence that a woman can possess to up-level her life.  What I’ve found after coaching so many women is the best way to start living a life that brings you joy is to work on YOUR CONFIDENCE.  That’s why I created this jam-packed 5 section self-paced course to skyrocket your confidence, boost your self-esteem, and help you learn how to get what you really desire in your life.


Confident Woman's lifestyle guide

Course: The Confident Woman's Healthy Lifestyle Guide Course

This is a comprehensive course that helps you get aligned with your goals and create a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It incorporates modules on productivity, nutrition, intermittent fasting, mindset, as well as meditations to keep you calm and at peace.


“It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures." - Oprah Winfrey


Bring Balance to Your Life with Tiffiny, Confident Expert

Workbook: Bringing Balance to Your Life

This Workbook helps you to asses where your life is, based on your level of satisfaction in the eight most important areas of your life. It also helps you reflect on possible action steps you can take to start lining up your schedule with your priorities.  (*Note: this is included within the Confident Woman's Healthy Lifestyle Course)

woman creating healthy smoothie

Workbook: Healthy Eating

In this workbook we go over the basics of learning how to eat to nourish your body and 4 simple rules that confident healthy women maintain when it comes to food. I also give you the tools to help you STOP DIETING and learn how to create a health focused lifestyle naturally. (*Note: this is included within the Confident Woman's Healthy Lifestyle Course)

Workbook - Intermittent Fasting

Workbook: Intermittent Fasting

Use this workbook as a supplement to help you make the most of the fasting experience by tracking the amount of sugar, you eat; tracking your physical activity; and tracking your macros nutrients. (*Note: this is included within the Confident Woman's Healthy Lifestyle Course)

How to Change Habit for good

Workbook: Habit Change

This template helps you break down what rewards you associate with your undesirable habits and think through how you can get the same reward with a different habit. (*Note: this is included within the Confident Woman's Healthy Lifestyle Course)

woman eating plate of healthy food

Workbook: FREE Recipe Guide

In this 41-page guide, I give you a grocery shopping guide; a guide for staying healthy on the go guide for when you are traveling; and TONS of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, side and vegetarian options as well delicious nutrient packed juices. The best part about this guide is that it’s absolutely FREE!! Just click the link below to get access. (*Note: this is included within the Confident Woman's Healthy Lifestyle Course)

Complete Confident Woman's Healthy Lifestyle Guide course

Workbook Bundle: All Workbooks Combined

These are all the workbooks & guides that are included in the The Confident Woman's Healthy Lifestyle Guide Course.  Click below to buy in one bundle without the full course.

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