Habit Change Workbook

Hi Gorgeous! I have a question; do you brush your teeth every morning? The only reason I ask is because if you said, “yes” then it’s possible that brushing your teeth has become a habit for you.

You see habits are those tasks we do on autopilot; it’s the everyday actions and behaviors that don’t require us to use a lot of brain energy to perform them. The reason we tend to perform these behaviors on autopilot is because they have become our habits.

black woman resting after doing yoga

Habits can be wonderful when they give us positive results, but they can be painful when they give us negative results. In this Habit Change workbook, I give you templates and exercises to help you reflect on what you might consider your “undesirable” habits, and my exclusive habit change template.

This template helps you break down what rewards you associate with your undesirable habits and think through how you can get the same reward with a different habit.

In order to create a healthy happy lifestyle, you must be willing to measure your habits against your core values and start eliminating unhealthy behaviors so you can live your best life!

Use the included habit tracker worksheet to keep up with what your habits are that you want to change and start the 30-day habit challenge to help motivate you forward as you transform that unfavorable habit into a behavior that produces positive lasing results. Don’t wait, change your life by changing your habits today!


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