How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams With the 51% Rule

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May 04
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When I was younger, I was very fearful. Fearful to try new things, that I would fail, that I was not good enough. My faith and belief in my abilities, skills, and knowledge were very low, so I rarely tried anything new. I just played it safe by focusing only on experiences that I 100% knew I could accomplish.

After years of building my confidence and my self-esteem, I figured out a technique that I started using to take action even when I don’t feel 100% ready. That technique is the 51% rule.

What is the 51% Rule?

The 51% rule is a concept centered on the idea that you only have to have a 51% belief that something is possible for you to take action. For example, research has shown that in the workplace women will only apply for a job if they feel they meet most of the qualifications, whereas men will apply even if they only meet 1 qualification or none.

However, in this circumstance, if women applied the 51% rule they would be more willing to apply. They would understand that they don’t need to be 100% qualified just to apply. This rule is all about you quantifying your mindset to give you a way to make decisions about your life quicker.

How Can the 51% Rule Help You?

The 51% rule can be a standard for how you make decisions when you have hesitation around whether or not you can accomplish a goal. When you are feeling insecure or uncertain about your abilities, remind yourself that you don’t have to be 100% sure to take action. All you need is 51% certainty, 51% belief, or 51% faith that you have what it takes to move forward.

How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

Using the 51% rule to achieve your goals is simple. First, start by getting clear on what it is that you want to achieve. Then ask yourself, “Am I able to give 51% effort to this goal?” Do you have 51% faith in yourself to achieve the goal? The idea is to apply the rule when you feel uncertain, scared, or hesitant.

When I initially got divorced, I was not 100% sure how I would be able to move forward, but I did have about 51% faith that I had the strength to keep going. When I decided to start a women’s coaching business, I was not 100% sure I could accomplish my dream. However, I did have a 51% belief that I could figure it out because I had figured challenging tasks out before in my past.

The more you use the 51% rule, the more comfortable you will be doing new things. You will start to feel more comfortable with stepping into your fear and will slowly start to build your confidence around achieving your goals.


When it comes to achieving your goals and dreams, you don’t have to be 100% perfect to get started.  You don’t have to have 100% of the answers or 100% faith that it will work. All you need is a 51% belief and faith in yourself and your abilities to take action.

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