How to Build Your Own Tribe and Surround Yourself with the Right People

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Relationships

May 11

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The power of knowing how to build your own tribe cannot be stated enough. By surrounding yourself with the right people, you can remain positive and full of energy. This will allow you to achieve success and excel at whatever it is you do. If you’re surrounded by the wrong people, however, then you will struggle to maintain any sense of positivity, which is a bad spot to be in.

Have you ever had a personal goal that you wanted to achieve and told your family or friends only for them to say, “why would you want to do that?” or “that sounds scary”, or “you probably won’t be able…”

It’s like they can’t seem to understand your logic, your passion or see your vision.

Here is what I know for a fact, you were born into your family. You share a bloodline, DNA, possibly facial features and if your lucky they may even love you.

Most times they have the best intentions for your life (which is why they always seem to be perfectly fine telling you what they think is best for you). 

But they are NOT YOUR TRIBE.

You may have friends that you have known for years, college roomies, BFFs. You share recipes with them, clothing and makeup tips, you even have gone to the best parties with them.

Along with this, most times they have the best intentions for your life when they give you their “unsolicited advice”.

But it’s possible that they are still NOT YOUR TRIBE.


So, you are probably wondering, “well Tiffiny, who the heck is my tribe then?” Your tribe is composed of a community of people who share a similar interest as you, understand your desires, have similar goals, and make an effort to encourage and inspire you to keep going even when times get tough.

These are the people that “get you”, they get your vision because it’s very similar to their vision. They understand your ideals because they share the same values and beliefs.

They even understand your quirkiness because they may have the same ones. Most importantly they feel your passion and your joy for the “thing” that you love.

That “thing” can be your obsession with the runners high because you are an avid cross-country, international race attending, 31 miler, runner; or your love for dressing up as an Anime character at Com-icon; or your relentless pursuit of success as an entrepreneur; or spiritual gifts an intuitive tarot card reader; the lists goes on.

The point is you have something that you really love, and your family and “old” friends may not totally vibe with this part of your life. But it’s okay!  What is not okay, however, is feeling like you are an alien on the planet and you can’t find your ship. You need to have space in your life for YOUR TRIBE.

Your tribe will support you, cheer you on, dress up with you, inspire you to keep going, listen, engage, be open-minded and most importantly they will not judge you for being “different” because they are “different” too.


The steps to finding your tribe are:

  1. Identify what you love and what you want support with; what are your goals, hobbies, dreams?
  2. Do an online search and attend events that support those goals, hobbies or dreams.
  3. Take a look at sites like Eventbrite.com, Meetup.com, or an event site that is specific to your location.
  4. You can also join online groups that cater to your particular curiosity or interests such as Facebook Groups or online forums like Quora or Reddit.
  5. Volunteer with charities, community organizations, or national non-profits.


When you connect with people from your tribe you feel like you have found your “home”. Your spirit will light up because your soul will finally feel connected to a group of people that understand your drive and passion.

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XOXO Tiffiny

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Tiffiny has a B.A. in Psychology, and master’s degree in Public Health Education. She worked in consulting for over 16 years, as well as previously owning a fitness and health business. In her personal life, she used personal development, mindset and health strategies to go from being overworked in a demanding corporate career, emotionally drained in a toxic marriage, physically unhealthy, and depressed to becoming an award-winning figure level bodybuilding athlete and entrepreneur. As a women’s empowerment coach, she works to help women get clear on their goals, build confidence, increase self-esteem, take action on their deep desires and create a life they love

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