How to Cope With Anxiety During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Selfcare

Jun 01

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There is so much uncertainty going on in the world right now. Due to this, it very important for you to learn how to cope with anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic.

People are dealing with issues related to the pandemic, political upheaval as well as personal issues in daily life. Needless to say, the anxiety levels of most people are probably higher than normal.

As I always tell my one-on-one coaching clients, the key to solving massive anxiety is to get to the root cause. However, what if you don’t have time to immediately take action to seek therapy, counseling or coaching?

3 Strategies for Coping with Lockdown Anxiety

  1. Distraction: Distraction is literally the concept of distracting yourself from a situation or problem. Some distraction techniques include reading, listening to music, cleaning or cooking. Distraction helps get your mind off the current situation. However, eventually you will need to face the issue as the distractions are often temporary band aids.
  2. Grounding: Grounding is a term used to describe a strategy to physically and mentally keep you aware of the present moment. Many times, anxiety can be caused by fear of the future or what may occur. Some grounding techniques include walking in nature, standing barefoot on grass, holding a piece of ice, or lighting a candle and taking note of the flickers. Grounding can calm you down in the moment and allow you to take a break from overthinking. The problem, however, with grounding is that you may not be able to do grounding techniques in the moment. You may need time to schedule these strategies. Due to this, they may not always be feasible to do if you are in the middle of an emotional collapse.
  3. Emotional Release: This is the idea of verbally or physically releasing your emotions. This can be dome by screaming, crying, or kicking something (i.e. kickboxing, sports or fitness). One of the great things about emotional release is that you can allow you to physically let out all of the rage, anxiety, anger, etc. in a very visceral action. One of the issues, however, is that you may not always be in a place where you have the privacy to emotionally release.

These 3 strategies have pros and cons. But, in the moment of anxiety they can be used to calm down your nerves and relieve some stress. The true relief to anxiety may be a solution that requires more of you attention, time, and effort.


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Tiffiny has a B.A. in Psychology, and master’s degree in Public Health Education. She worked in consulting for over 16 years, as well as previously owning a fitness and health business. In her personal life, she used personal development, mindset and health strategies to go from being overworked in a demanding corporate career, emotionally drained in a toxic marriage, physically unhealthy, and depressed to becoming an award-winning figure level bodybuilding athlete and entrepreneur. As a women’s empowerment coach, she works to help women get clear on their goals, build confidence, increase self-esteem, take action on their deep desires and create a life they love

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