How to Have the Best Summer Ever – 5 Tips

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Confidence

Jun 08
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I don’t know about you, but I love the summer season. In nature, the summer is the time when plants are in full bloom, animals are out and about coming out of hibernation, and everything is alive and growing because of the increase in sunshine.

Just like plants bloom in the summer, we as humans have an opportunity to get more sunshine, fresh air, and time to enjoy life.

How to Have the Best Summer Ever

Having a great summer gives you the opportunity add more joy into your life and capitalize on the warmer weather, summer holidays, and more sunshine. Here are a few tips to make your summer fun and enjoyable.

1. Go on a Fun Trip

Traveling is a great way to have fun in the summer months because you don’t have to worry about extreme cold or snow derailing your plans. You have the opportunity to take advantage of the warm conditions in most areas.

A fun trip does not have to be far. You have a ton of options. You can plan a nice long vacation to a far-off country, as there are tons of summer flight and hotel deals in the summertime. Or, you can do a short day trip within driving distance to another city, to the beach, or the mountains. Going on a fun trip for the summer can be long, short, far, or close to where you live.

The best thing about traveling is being able to meet people from different places, eating food you may have never eaten before, and experiencing new sites that you may have never experienced.

The point of traveling is to take yourself out of your normal world, experience something new and exciting, and allow yourself to relax.

2. Have a Backyard Cookout

Having a backyard cookout, to me, is the epitome of summer. Growing up, my family would have a cookout every weekend. They would invite friends and family over, play music, and have games for the kids. However, you can create a backyard cookout any way you choose. It can be a smaller event with just a few close friends and family.

You can cook your food, buy prepared food, or have a potluck where your friends bring food to the event. You can create a theme for the event such as a Hawaiian Luau style, a mystery dinner theme, or some game theme where people can win prizes.

If you don’t have a large backyard you can also go to a park. The idea is to have a nice time with family, and friends that you enjoy and take advantage of the warm outdoor weather.

3. Play a Fun Outdoor Game

The real joy of summer is play. Being able to go outside and play games is really what makes summertime fun- especially as an adult. When we are kids, our lives revolve around playtime and games. But when we grow up, it seems like our lives revolve around work and figuring out how to make money. It’s important to make sure that we include games into our lives as much as we can.

Since the weather is warmer in the summer, we have many options for outdoor games that we can play. Games such as volleyball, cornhole, horseshoes, ping-pong, or even setting up a small golfing game outside can be super simple and fun. There are tons of small sets that you can purchase online or at a store that sells used game/sports items. The choices are endless plus you can play in your backyard or go to a local park. The idea is just to have fun and experience a little bit of that childlike freedom again.

4. Shop at a Farmers Market

Going to a farmers’ market in the summertime can be super fun. Depending on where you live, there are large outdoor farmers’ markets where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, desserts, jelly preserves, as well as HomeGoods like locally made art.

5. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

Watching the sunrise and sunset in the summertime adds to the calm, relaxing days of summer. If you are a morning person, there are many health benefits to watching the sunrise. Sunlight helps ease the nervous system, lowers depression and anxiety, and naturally helps to elevate your mood. It’s also nice to start your days early as your mind is refreshed.

To boost your mood even more you could say some affirmations while the sunrises. For example, “I am so thankful to see the sun”, “I love myself”, or “I love my life”. It sets the tone for the day as you are watching the sunrise and giving gratitude.

If you are not a morning person, you can still enjoy the experience of watching the sunset. Similar to watching the sunrise, you still get some sunlight and you get to see the beautiful colors that come out in the sky when the sun starts to go down. I encourage you to say some affirmations such as, “I am so thankful to watch this beautiful sunset”, “I am happy to have a good life”, or “I love the earth and the beauty of the world”. This is another way to end your day in a good mood right before you go to bed.


Summertime is a wonderful time of the year, as it gives you a chance to relax, enjoy warm weather with family and friends, and take time for yourself. Planning a few summertime trips, play days, or watching the sunrise and set will make your summer plans feel even more enjoyable. Enjoy every moment of your summer and let the sunshine in!


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