How to Start Living Your Best Life With the 5s’ Strategy

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Confidence

Sep 08

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If you have been on any social media platform for long enough, chances are you’ve seen a woman in Bali swinging in a luxury treehouse with a hashtag similar to #livingmybestlife, or a couple on a beach in the Maldives with the hashtag #liveyourbestlife attached to their post.

There isn’t anything wrong with traveling or going on beautiful vacations, but doing these things is not the only way to live your best life. There are things you can do to live your best life every single day and they don’t cost a fortune to do.

What Does Living Your Best Life Mean?

Living your best life is about understanding how to live everyday with a feeling of security, confidence and joy. It includes creating a fulfilling life that gives your purpose, peace and overall satisfaction.

How Can You Start Living Your Best Life Today?


I believe that living your best life means creating a life that utilizes the 5s’. The 5s’ are simple to learn and easy to incorporate into your life, so you start having joy, peace of mind, and a feeling of alignment with the best version of yourself.

Here are what the 5s’ are and how they can help you live a better life:

  1. Sense of Satisfaction
  2. Safety
  3. Self-esteem
  4. Sense of Connection
  5. Spontaneity

Let’s go over these in more detail.

1. Sense of Satisfaction

Having a sense of satisfaction is about waking up and being at peace with yourself. It also means making sure that you are not stressed out, worried, or depressed.

It doesn’t mean you need to be super happy every day, but it does mean you know how to connect with your peace of mind.

Being satisfied means that you are on the path towards aligning with your priorities and what brings you joy.

If you are not satisfied with your life, it’s time to start figuring out how to get there, as understanding how to create a sense of satisfaction is pivotal to living your best life.

2. Safety

Safety and security are about feeling safe, secure, and free from danger. After all, it’s difficult to live your best life when you are constantly worried, fearful, or unstable.

Making sure that you are in a safe, secure environment with food, shelter, clothing, and water is essential for feeling safe. Along the same lines, this concept can extend to other areas such as feeling secure in your finances, secure in your relationships, or secure in your mental health.

Creating a sense of overall safety and security is a must when it comes to living your best life.

3. Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is about having confidence and belief in yourself– knowing your worth and your value.

Building a strong sense of self-esteem involves diving deep into self-awareness. Self-awareness helps you understand who you are, your values, what’s important to you, and what brings you joy. This helps you build confidence and compassion for yourself, and mental strength to get through life’s challenges.

If you are trying to learn how to build more self-esteem and confidence, check out my course, The 5 Keys to Magnetizing Confidence, where I help you to create a confident, happy lifestyle on every level.

4. Sense of Connection

Sense of connection is about having a positive social circle, whether that is through friends, family, community organizations, or work colleagues.

As human beings, our mental health needs to have some type of social connection to create feelings of love, admiration, belongingness, and not feel alone.

Meaningful connections can lower anxiety, depression, and in turn, boost our immune system.

Most importantly, having a sense of connection can increase our happiness. So, join some new groups, whether online or in-person and make some positive connections.

5. Spontaneity

Spontaneity means that every so often, we need to experience something new or different.

This could include working on a new creative project, watching a new movie, trying a new workout, or visiting a place we have never been before- anything that takes you out of your normal daily activities and adds a hint of excitement to your life.

Research shows that learning new activities helps the brain come up with new circuits. It helps with memory and it gives us a rush of dopamine that activates a feeling of happiness or excitement.

One thing that has helped me be more spontaneous is taking a different workout classes a couple of times a week.


Living your best life is about creating a sense of peace, joy, fulfillment, and wholeness. Your best life can include lavish vacations to beautiful locations, or enjoying pizza with friends at home.

How you live your best life is up to you, but don’t neglect satisfying the 5s’ to help you get started.


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