How to Transform and Reinvent Your Life Fast – The Complete Guide

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Apr 19

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Are you a woman who has gone through a divorce and is struggling to reinvent and redefine yourself? Do you want to thrive in a life that you love?

Well, you are not alone. There have been many times when I could not figure out the next steps of moving forward on my goals and how to make positive changes.

It wasn’t until I started learning about and implementing a simple yet overlooked technique that I transformed my life.

What is Consistency?

If you are wondering what the number one thing that will completely transform your life is if you do it correctly, it’s consistency. Consistency is about doing the same thing in the same way over and over and over again. In this context, I’m talking about consistency in the behavior that will lead you to achieve your goals.

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When I think about my own life – and all the times I achieved a big goal – the one common theme was that I was relentlessly consistent. For example, many of you know I was previously an award-winning figure-level bodybuilding competitor. Being successful in a physically challenging and demanding competition was being consistent in my daily routines. 

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For example, I would go to bed at the same time every night to get up early and go to the gym. I would work out at the gym with my personal trainer’s support, shower then head to work. My lunch meals were already prepacked so that I had healthy food ready when I was hungry. I usually ate the same food again to avoid overwhelming myself with cooking different recipes.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”  – Jim Rohn

I did this daily, at least 80%-90% of the week. A system of consistent small daily habits added to my main achievement of getting on stage at competitions.

Using Consistency In Achieving Goals

Consistency is the key to achieving your goals. The most successful people in the world are consistent in their habits to become multi-millionaires, write books, build businesses, have quality time with family, and live life on their terms.

As a motivational speaker and successful entrepreneur, Jim Rohn said, “Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying fundamentals.” If you want to achieve your dreams, you need to be consistent in your daily actions and habits.

Tips For Being Consistent

Get Clarity on Your Goals

Clarity is where you can understand what your goals indeed are and if those goals are indeed in alignment with your life. Clearly define who you are and what brings you joy and satisfaction. That is where you will find out what goal you want to achieve and how to really get there.

A helpful technique to can clarity is journaling. Every day, give yourself time to write out your thoughts and get an idea of the vision for your life.

Start journaling about what you want in life, your dreams, your desires, and where you want to be in 3, 6, and 12 months.

Check out my CCC 30-Day Empowerment Journal, which will help you get clear on the next steps of your life and what you want.

Create a Daily Simple Routine

Create a simple daily routine that you can stick to without feeling overwhelmed. Give yourself a simple morning routine that involves getting up a little earlier to start your day and work on your new daily habit. Even if it means you are using that time to plan your day and organize your schedule. This can also be a time to journal, meditate or sit in silence before the work day starts.

This will help get your mind prepared for the day. Once you start your day, you can begin with one behavior you can implement daily. For example, if you want to drink more water, start by drinking 1 cup of water with every meal every day, then slowly increase the amount of water throughout the day. The idea is to start small and build on each habit so that you don’t overwhelm yourself all at once. The idea is to start small and add more steps until it becomes a habit.

Embrace the Boredom

Once you take action and start doing the same thing every day, it will feel uninteresting, and that is OKAY. It is essential to embrace what you may perceive as mundane because those are the everyday tasks that will get you precisely what you want. Remember, this will not last forever, and the idea is to achieve a milestone on your goal in a given period. Once you reach that milestone, you may need to modify habits or a new habit to help you toward your goal.

Get Accountability From a Friend, Trainer, or Coach

Get accountability from a friend, a coach, or a trainer because it can be challenging to start a new habit when you’re just starting to get consistent when you don’t have anyone else in it with you because nine times out of ten the reason you can’t get consistent is because of you. When you start something, and you don’t finish it, if you’re that person where it’s hard to get consistent on the big boring or the small tedious task, then reach out to a coach, reach out to a trainer, reach out to an accountability partner or maybe a group in your area so that you can start honing in and allowing your brain to get focused in on those small, simple things that you can be doing every single day to get to that big goal.

Reward Yourself With Novelty at Least 1x a Week

Use positive reinforcement by rewarding yourself once a week for being consistent. That may be buying yourself flowers at the end of the week, going out with friends, or getting more rest. The idea is to celebrate your small wins and remind yourself how far you have come.


Consistency is the key to transforming your life. It may not be easy, but it is worth it. Please focus on the why, remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, keep your goals in mind, and let them motivate you. You can achieve your dreams and desires by being consistent in your actions and habits. Remember to start small, be realistic, use positive reinforcement, don’t be too hard on yourself, and focus on the why. With these tips, you can transform your life and truly thrive in a life that you love.

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