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Sep 28

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I was standing on the edge of this wooden scaffold that was about 500 feet in the air.  I couldn’t see the bottom of the forest floor, just the tops of trees and tiny specs in the distance that I realized were houses. 

I was in Costa Rica on an adventure trip and that day’s adventure was zip lining in the mountains.

In this experience they start you with small zip lines then as you ascend the mountain, the zip lining gets higher up and longer across.  So, I had already done the smaller ones and this one was the tallest and widest.  I was terrified but I knew I had to do it; I couldn’t back out now. 

With my heart in my chest beating a million beats per minute, I leaped off that scaffold and took the plunge.  It was the scariest thing I had ever done, and I was screaming my lungs out. 

But something interesting happened in the middle of the ride.  I actually took a breath and looked out at all the majesty and beauty that was below and in front of me.  The mountains, the forest trees, the sky, the rolling hills; and for a split second I was incredibly thankful that I jumped and stepped deep into MY COURAGE.

Now whenever I think about various times in my life when I have needed courage I think about that moment and smile.  This is only one example where I have had to use courage and when I think about the other times, I recognize 3 main themes that helped me gain my courage.


  • Expand your comfort zone slowly.  Just like I did smaller versions of the zip lining and worked my way up to the bigger one, you must increase slowly. Start with a small experience that you are a little afraid to do, then move forward into something that pushes you a little more. Eventually, you will get comfortable with the big courageous act.
  • Remember other courageous acts you have done in the past.  If you are an adult woman that has lived any type of life on earth (lol) then you have probably done other things that took courage.  Think about those times and allow yourself to remember the feeling you had as you were going through those experiences. That is the feeling you need now.
  • Think about your benefits, i.e. the final outcome.  There is a reason that you want to build up your courage. For example, if you want the courage to move to another state the final outcome is being happy in your new surroundings.  If you want to go back to school or college, the final outcome is graduating.  If you want to get a new job, the final outcome may be more money.  So, think about the “big win” or the major benefits that you are going to receive when you step into your courage.

These are simple tips to help you move forward with more courageous so that you propel yourself forward faster toward your best life. 

If you are in space where you know you need to get more courageous so you can go further in your life, then let’s chat.  I love empowering women to take the reigns and take control of their life path.  Get on my calendar for a FREE coaching strategy call today!  Click here: http://bit.ly/TiffinyCalendar

XOXO Tiffiny

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Tiffiny has a B.A. in Psychology, and master’s degree in Public Health Education. She worked in consulting for over 16 years, as well as previously owning a fitness and health business. In her personal life, she used personal development, mindset and health strategies to go from being overworked in a demanding corporate career, emotionally drained in a toxic marriage, physically unhealthy, and depressed to becoming an award-winning figure level bodybuilding athlete and entrepreneur. As a women’s empowerment coach, she works to help women get clear on their goals, build confidence, increase self-esteem, take action on their deep desires and create a life they love

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