Marriage Is Like a Business- Here’s Why.

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Relationships

Apr 27

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Do you want to have a long lasting, happy, and successful marriage? You might want to start treating your marriage like a business partnership. This might sound weird, but believe it or not, marriage is like a business.

I meet so many smart, talented, ambitious women who want to have a serious relationship that leads to marriage. Also, I meet many women that are married but are very unhappy with the relationship.

I’m able to relate because I used to be in the exact same place. Before I got married, all I wanted to do was be in a relationship that led to marriage. I wanted to be with someone who was ready to commit to a serious long-term relationship. In my mind, I thought that once I got married, I’d be happier, less lonely, have more fun, and overall just be in a better space in life.

When I was dating my ex-spouse I saw so many RED FLAGS; lack of financial stability, lack of focused attention on important topics, disorganization in life in general, his temper. But I thought, “well nobody’s perfect and I can change all of this once we get married”.

Yes I know, I was living in fantasy land, cause it didn’t get better, it got much worse. After my divorce, I realized that marriage was not a Disney movie, it was a business.

In the United States, legal marriage involves:

  • Paying for a marriage license/ marriage certificate
  • Having witnesses to your ceremony
  • Getting signatures to show legality
  • Sometimes changing your last name
  • And if you have a wedding – that is more money
  • You become a part of a legally recognized union/partnership
  • You take on all legal responsibilities of a spouse (i.e. financial responsibility, healthcare, insurance)

Yes, it’s a business!

Building a Foundation

Like in any business, you need to create a strong foundation BEFORE you get married.

Start having conversations with your partner as if you were going into business together.

Be open to discussing:

  • Business Plan – the shared vision that you have for your relationship and marriage; purpose for getting married; long term goals.
  • Strategies for Operations and Logistics – who will work, where will you live, will you have children, how will you raise children, do you share values/beliefs, where will you spend holidays?
  • Financial Portfolio – discuss credit score, investments, retirement fund, trusts, debt, bills.
  • Current Team Members – parents, children from other relationships, ex-spouses, siblings, extended family, friends (remember you don’t just marry the person, you marry all the other members of their life).
  • Skillset – what value, talents, gifts do you both bring to the table?  What roles will you play? How will getting married be better for each of you versus staying a single entity?

Creating the foundation for a strong, successful marriage is no different than having a strong successful business. You must be willing to have a transparent, open, direct communication system in order to think through whether this is the right business partner i.e. life partner.

For single women, treat the dating process as an opportunity to know whether your potential “business partner” is going to be suitable for the long term.

For married women, be willing to have these conversations with your spouse so you can both make sure you are creating a stronger, happier marriage.


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