5 Self-Care Tips for Busy Women (and Benefits)

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Health

Sep 22

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I get it- you’re a high-achieving, go-getter woman taking full advantage of your freedoms and options.

As adult women in this era, we have many opportunities to do the things that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers could not do.

We can get an education, work in high-paying careers in leadership positions, decide when (or if) we want to have children, travel, buy our own homes, build businesses, take care of our families- you name it and we can do it!

However, as exciting as it sounds to do all of those things, it can create a very busy lifestyle.

Paying those student loans from that education and working 50-60 hours a week in that high-paying career takes up a lot of time.

If you have kids, figuring out child care, picking them up from school, and making sure they do their homework.

Cleaning up that beautiful home, working on weekends to build that business, and let’s not forget all the time we spend in countless meetings.

Being a high-achieving busy woman is great. But, if you don’t add any self-care activities to the long list of to-dos, you will burn out quickly.

Self-care is the one thing that a lot of busy women forget about until it’s too late. It’s the activity that should be a priority on your to-do list. It’s the reason you will be able to have the energy to keep going when you face life’s challenges on the road to pursuing your goals and dreams and enjoying your freedom.

What Is Self-Care for Women?

Self-care is all about giving yourself time to focus on making yourself feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Self-care practices can include a wide range of activities, from physical fitness and exercise for the body, to self-awareness techniques such as yoga and meditation.

Also, self-care can include activities to help you relax like going to the spa or taking a beach vacation, and preventative doctors appointments like mammograms or pap smears.

Taking care of yourself allows you to renew and refresh your mind so that you can continue to enjoy life as well as support the people you love.

Benefits of Self-Care


Self-care is an important practice for women- especially when they are busy and constantly on the go. There are tons of benefits of self-care that can help women improve their quality of life.

Some benefits of self-care include:

  • Better physical health
  • More positive mental health
  • Boosted energy levels

Let’s go over these benefits in more detail.

Better Physical Health

We live in a time where sickness is all around us. Protecting physical health helps to prevent disease by keeping our immune system strong.

Protecting our immune system helps us fight off diseases and viruses that we may not even realize we have been exposed to.

Activities such as eating whole foods rich in nutrients, daily physical activity, sunlight, and proper rest can promote our overall physical health.

More Positive Mental Health

Self-care can help decrease many mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, debilitating stress, and PTSD.

Adding tools and resources to our lives that allow us to talk through any issues we are facing or give us a break from daily life challenges can help reduce worry and fear. This can promote a sense of peace and calm.

Boosted Energy Levels

Self-care can increase our energy levels to support us in continuing to thrive in our busy lifestyle.

Giving our minds and bodies a chance to relax and incorporating proper nutrition can renew our spirit to help us reclaim our natural energy centers.

Self-Care Tips for Busy Women

Now that we know self-care is an important thing to practice for women, the question is, how can you incorporate an easy self-care process into your life?

Here are some easy self-care strategies for busy women that you can start using today:

Let’s go over these strategies in more detail.

Online Therapy or Counseling

One of the best gifts that I ever gave myself was finding a therapist after my divorce. I was going through a very difficult time and was very depressed.

My therapist allowed me to talk through my emotions and helped me think through my childhood experiences that were also linked to the issues I had in my marriage.

That experience helped me grasp the power of therapy. However, you don’t have to be going through a divorce or even a difficult situation to seek therapy.

Therapy or counseling can help you deal with the ease of everyday anxiety and stressors of life. Therapy gives you a specific time that is fully dedicated to your needs and personal issues.

As a busy woman, one of the best and easiest forms of therapy is online therapy. In the wake of the pandemic, many people were stuck at home and need to speak to a counselor.

Now because of the widespread need, there are licensed online therapist companies that you can contact. One that I recommend is online-therapy.com.

Unlike other online therapy groups, they have a complete toolbox of various resources that you can use to improve your entire life. These resources include talking one-on-one to a licensed therapist to activity planners, worksheets, yoga videos, and more.

Since they are online you can access them wherever you are in the world. Plus, they have various payment options for different levels of service that you feel you need. CLICK HERE to learn more.

At Home Workouts

Nothing makes me feel better than getting in some daily activity that challenges my body. That’s why I love working out and getting in some physical activity every day.

Research shows that exercise can improve self-esteem, increase life span, and give you a positive mood boost.

When it comes to having a busy schedule, you may not be able to run to the gym. But, you may have time to get in a quick 30-minute workout at home.

That’s why I love pulling up simple exercises on YouTube.

Meditation and Journaling

Meditation and journaling are two ways to relax the mind and reflect on your thoughts.

There are many different ways to meditate but one way that I think is easy and super helpful is guided meditation.

Guided meditation is when you listen to someone else speak and guide you through a mental visual experience.

For example, you may listen to a guided meditation through your phone and the speaker may tell you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and visualize yourself sitting in a beautiful forest. The idea is to lead your mind to a relaxed state so that you feel calm and more at peace.

There are guided meditations to help you sleep, reduce stress, ease anxiety, or just relax.

Along with meditation, journaling is a great way to begin or end your day. Journaling is about taking the time to write down your thoughts, reflect on your day, think through what you are thankful for, and write out your goals or intentions.

A great journal that would fit your busy lifestyle is The Five Minute Journal. It gives you simple prompts to allow your mind to reflect on your day, write what you are thankful for, your intentions and goals as well as affirmations.

Try adding 10 minutes of meditation and 10 minutes of journaling to your schedule every day for 21 days and I bet you will notice the relaxing, feel-good effects in no time.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Spa Day

If you have never been to a spa, then don’t worry- I have you covered.

There is a lot of different type of spas, but the goal of a spa is to over a relaxing atmosphere where you, the customer, gets pampered and taken care of.

Most spas offer massages, facials, hot saunas, hot tubs, and sometimes fitness or nutrition classes. Usually, by the time you leave the spa, you feel fully refreshed and renewed.

With all of this said, you don’t have to go out to a professional spa to get the experience that a spa offers. You can give yourself a DIY spa day at home.

Here are a few ways to create the spa experience at home:

  • Pick a day when you have time alone and be sure to not schedule any events on that day
  • Clean up your “spa” area such as your bathroom and bedroom
  • Gather all of your spa tools the day before and have them ready for your spa day experience
  • Turn your phone on silent so you will not be disturbed

Combining the right environment with the right tools will help you create the spa experience for yourself at home.

Let’s go over some tools that can help you improve your DIY spa experience.

Dry Brush

A dry brush is a firm bristle brush used to exfoliate your skin. It also helps to encourage the blood flow in your body. The idea is to brush your skin before you get into the shower or bath. You can use a manual brush or you can use an electrically operated body brush– it’s up to you.

Face Mask

Use a hydrating facial mask to help clear your pores and leave your skin feeling super soft.

Sugar or Salt Body Scrub

Sugar or salt scrubs are great to exfoliate the skin, rub off dead cells, and leave your body feeling soft and relaxed.

Aromatherapy Oil

A hot bath with aromatherapy oil such as lavender or peppermint will help to soothe sore muscles and ease tension in the body.


Light some candles when you are in the tub or shower to set the mood.

Lotion Massage

After your bath or shower use a soft body lotion that smells good to massage on your legs, arms, and hands. A nice massage after a bath soak will make your body feel even more relaxed.

Soft Music

Turn on some soft music or a guided meditation during your bath or your massage to help your mind feel calm.

Fun New Experiences

Lastly, add a little spice to your life with a fun experience. Having fun is a form of self-care and gives you time to just relax and enjoy time with yourself.

Everyone’s definition of fun is different, but here are a couple of things to get you started:

  • Read a new book
  • Listen to some upbeat music
  • Plan an outing with friends at a new restaurant
  • Go for a hike at a national park
  • Plan a vacation to a place that you enjoy or a new place that you have never been
  • Sit near water as water has been shown to help people naturally relax
  • Watch a funny movie
  • Take a new fun class
  • Color in an adult coloring book
  • Go on a picnic with yourself

There are many things you can do to create a fun experience, whether you are with someone or alone.


There are many ways to add self-care to your life as a busy woman, but it’s up to you to make the effort to try. You can add 10-minute self-care activities that you do every day or you can pick specific days and times on your calendar to devote to self-care.

Once you start prioritizing self-care activities you will realize how important they are to your overall health and wellness. Self-care should be a part of your overall disease prevention, health promotion, feel-good lifestyle.


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