Why You STILL Get Emotional When You See Your Ex – Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt SAG Awards 2020

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Relationships

Jan 27
exhusband healing wounds

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A few weeks ago, Hollywood celebrated the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG awards).  So many actors celebrated their wins and among them were Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.  Now if you don’t know the history of Jennifer and Brad, their marriage and breakup then definitely read up on the saga! Yes,they had some rough times in the past, but they have been divorced for many years now. Both moved on with new relationships and new lives.  So, I found it very interesting that there was a major media frenzy when someone took a picture of them talking to each other backstage after Jennifer accepted her an award at SAG. People were literally doing full social media posts; making commentary about the pair and saying things like “oh my gosh are you two getting back together what’s happening?”  Or some saying, “I hope this does not mean that Jennifer is going back to Brad after everything he did”.  It was like one picture of 2 exes smiling andspeaking to one another was an instant signal to the world that they still werein love and going to get married again. I laughed hysterically at all the comments, but one comment that I really loved, stood out to me.  This person stated, “all I see is a woman who is living her best life, saying hi to her ex.”  When I read that comment I thought wow that’s so amazing because I absolutely agree.   This isn’t about some desperate attempt for Jennifer to get back with Brad Pitt as much as it is about two mature adults saying hello.  Two people who have grown up, matured, moved from the past and become friendly to one another. Specifically, I believe Jennifer has moved on, she is a woman who is living a life that she loves and because of that is able to see her ex-husband and not be negatively emotionally affected. More specifically, she has done what so many women still struggle with, she has HEALED. You see, as a women’s empowerment coach I have an opportunity to speak with women on a daily basis.  And the number one topic we talk about the most is the pain they are still suffering from an old relationship.  The reason they are still in pain is that they have not healed.  That is the reason why every time they see their ex-partner, or think about them, or talk about them, they get so upset all over again.  And trust me I know a thing or two about that because going through my own divorce after being with someone for almost 10 years of my life was very traumatic. However, when I made the decision to change my life and move forward, that required me to take the time to learn how to heal.  It is very difficult to truly move forward in life when you are still carrying so much baggage from the past.  It definitely creates problems when you are trying to cultivate a new relationship. So many times the “emotional baggage” from old relationships will creep in and cause havoc in the new relationship. The greatest feeling that any woman can experience is when she can see or talk about an ex-spouse or partner, and not get upset, frustrated or angry.  She can literally feel a sense of happiness for that person, well wishes for them, and gratitude that she has moved on.  That experience is called healing. It takes time, facing old wounds, forgiving yourself and your past, building up your own self-esteem and confidence, but in the end, you will be glad you did the work. Can you relate to Jennifer Aniston? Are you a woman who has healed and living her best life?  Or are you still trying to move past the negative emotions of an old relationship? As a women’s empowerment coach part of how I help women step into their power and build truly amazing lives is teaching them strategies to release the old dead emotional weight that has been holding them back.  P.S… Ready to start the process of gaining more clarity, confidence, and courage? I have created 3 simple steps to help you on your journey.
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