5 Personality Traits of a Confident Woman (Signs and Characteristics)

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Confidence

Jun 28

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Have you ever seen a woman walk into a room and noticed that all eyes are on her? It’s like she has an aura around her and everyone can feel it.

Is it the way she looks? Possibly her clothes, hair, or eyes? Well, you might be surprised to learn that it’s none of these things that are causing her to get so much attention- it’s her confidence.

Read on and learn about the 5 traits of a confident woman.

Confident Woman Traits

Figuring out what makes a woman so confident used to be a difficult process. However, through the years, people have begun to notice the different traits that confident woman tend to possess.

Here are some confident woman traits:

  • Value and self-worth
  • Firm boundaries
  • Prioritizes self-care
  • Acknowledges fear and takes action
  • Personal responsibility

Let’s discuss these traits in more detail.

Value and Self-Worth

Personal value and self-worth is the understanding of one’s abilities, skills, talents, and gifts.

In this context, it’s when a woman knows how much she has to offer the world based on who she is and what she knows.

When a woman acknowledges that she is of high value, she automatically increases her internal confidence.

Firm Boundaries

Having boundaries means putting limits around who or what one allows to have access to their life. It involves being willing to say ‘no’ without shame, guilt, or apologies.

Being willing to have solid boundaries teaches people to respect one’s time, space, and energy.

Prioritizes Self-Care

Self-care is one form of self-love and helps a woman acknowledge her needs. It can take the form of massages, long walks in nature, meditations, shopping for new clothes, or a vacation.

Self-care can be free or expensive; it just depends on what form of care a woman wants to give to herself. The important part of self-care is that it expresses the belief that a woman is important enough to herself to give herself the time, space, and energy she needs and desires.

Acknowledges Fear and Takes Action

Even a confident woman has fear. However, she does not allow her fear to stop her from moving forward.

A highly confident woman knows that the circumstance she fears is probably the circumstance she needs to experience to reach her goals.

Usually, it’s fear that holds people back from achieving what they deeply desire. Fear of criticism, fear of failure, fear of responsibility, or fear of leaving others behind.

Stepping into fear can scary at first, but a confident woman knows it’s the greatest move she can make in her life.

Personal Responsibility

Highly confident women do not blame others for their position in life. They understand that although life can be unfair and has its challenges, they are still in control.

Highly confident women understand that not taking full accountability for their behavior, action or inaction, thoughts and beliefs is a form of surrendering her life to other people. Confidence means taking ownership of one’s life, and ownership is power.


You now know the 5 traits of a confident woman.

When it comes to building solid confidence it starts with deciding to adopt these characteristics of a confident woman and using them to your advantage.

These are the personality traits that every successful, inspiring, woman uses in her day-to-day life to build powerful confidence and a life she loves.

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Remember, building a high level of confidence is the main ingredient needed to create a bold, bright and delicious life!


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