10 Ways to Reduce Stress

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Nov 09
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If you live long enough, you are going to deal with stress. Stress is a natural part of human existence, and we need a certain stress level to function and stay alert. However, too much negative stress can hurt us and cause health problems. Chronic stress can also lead to mental health issues and hinder us from accomplishing our life goals.

Here are some ways to easily reduce your stress in the moment so you can move forward with a happy, healthy life.

Ways to Reduce Your Stress

1. Digital Detox

Taking a digital detox is all about giving yourself a break from constantly being exposed to technology. Technology like smartphones, computers, television, radio, video games, etc. can be fun, but overexposure can start to cause issues. Too much screen time has been shown to affect eyesight, increase stress, and possibly cause headaches. Also, if one is constantly on social media, it can affect their mood.

Taking a digital detox is about giving yourself a break for a short time to reconnect with yourself. You can take an hour or a full day and do something that helps you relax. For example, you can go hiking in nature, read a physical book, take a nap, play a board game, cook a meal, sit near water, or just listen to nature.

The point is to give your mind time to calm down and to stop yourself from taking in so much information at one time, as this is often the case when we are using technology. This will help to calm your mind and reduce stress.

2. Write 5 Achievements

Many times when we are busy with the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to congratulate ourselves on all that we have accomplished or experienced. We get stressed about everything that is going wrong and we don’t take the time to think about all the things that are going right.

During times of high stress, take a minute to write down 5 things that you are proud of yourself for, whether that is moving into a new location, getting a promotion, or washing your dishes. The point is to find some positivity in your day and start acknowledging good things about yourself.

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3. Get More Sleep

Getting sleep is important when it comes to reducing stress. Sleep is the body’s way of taking time to repair itself, giving the digestive system a rest through fasting, and allowing yourself to recharge for the next day. Research has shown that poor sleep can affect mood, memory, and overall brain function. When you don’t get enough quality sleep, you can become more easily irritated, be more susceptible to illness, and have a harder time concentrating.

Being able to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep at night has been shown to reduce stress levels, reduce blood pressure, help with maintaining a healthy weight, and overall stabilize mood. So, be sure to create a night routine that keeps helps you get enough sleep and plenty of rest.

4. Listen to Upbeat Music

Music is great for reducing stress. Upbeat, high-tempo music can give you a boost in energy when you are feeling depressed or sad. Slower, calm music can reduce your heart rate and give you a sense of overall peace or relaxation.

Music has been studied over the years as it is said to have healing affects because of the vibration it gives to the human body. It has been shown to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone), increase serotonin levels (the happy hormone), help you to sleep better, and change your mood.

5. Get Moving

When you are in a bad mood or feeling overly stressed, try moving your body if possible. Do something that physically changes your state. For example, go for a walk, do some jumping jacks, clap your hands, move your workstation, or get in some exercise. Change your physical state to change the focus at the moment.

Physical movement can temporarily take your mind off the stressors in your life and make you less focused on the issue that you are experiencing.

6. Create Boundaries by Saying “No”

Life can easily get overwhelming, especially when we don’t have healthy boundaries to protect our time and our energy. If we are constantly saying yes to everything and everyone, after a while we will start to get worn down. The worst part is the feeling of resentment toward other people or the situation that we feel “caused” our burn out.

You are the creator of your own life in adulthood. If you don’t want to do something, say “no”. Saying “no” does not make you a bad person, it just means that you take into account your needs and emotions first before you make quick decisions. Setting healthy boundaries also helps other people understand what your limits are and how to interact with you.

7. Take a Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath after a stressful day can help calm you down and put your mind at ease. Adding a bit of Epsom salt can also relax the muscles, decrease inflammation, and give your body time to repair itself. Taking a warm bath right before bed can also help you sleep better and put you in a state of calm. This aids your sleep and can help reduce stress.

8. Practice Deep Breathing

There are many health benefits to deep breathing. Most people do not breathe deeply regularly. We tend to hold our breath which limits the amount of oxygen we receive in our bodies. Breathing deeply can help reduce stress by allowing us to get in more oxygen and increase the exchange of oxygen in our bloodstream.

Breathing deeply helps to reduce blood pressure, reduce anxiety, reduce tension with headaches, help with sleep, and make us feel calmer. Take time every day to do a few deep breathing exercises and you will notice a difference when it comes to stress.

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9. Connect to Positive People

We are all made up of energy, and energy can be contagious. When you are constantly surrounded by a person or people that express negative, depressing, angry energy, you will start to take on those characteristics. I read recently that a strong person in a negative environment will break, but a weak person in a positive environment will succeed. Our environments and who we surround ourselves with are just as important as the food we eat.

If you want to help keep your stress low, surround yourself with positive and uplifting people as much as you can. Join groups that have similar interests or help you get focused on something that you are passionate about. Not only will being around positive uplifting people reduce your stress, but it will also open your mind to new ideas and happier experiences.

10. Get Therapy

Lastly, if you are suffering from debilitating chronic stress, it is always helpful to go to therapy. Therapy gives you an opportunity to talk to someone and go deeper into the root cause of your stress. It can also open you up to thinking differently about how you view your life circumstance and various ways to cope.

Online-Therapy.com has been a game-changer for so many people dealing with stress. Whether you feel like you are just going through a temporary ordeal or a chronic depression, online-therapy.com can connect you to a professional wherever you are in the world.


When it comes to reducing your stress, you have to take control and make a decision on how you want to feel. Decreasing your stress can boost your overall health and give you a better perspective on life.

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