Why Should I Get a Mammogram? (When to Get One and Why They’re Important)

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Health

Jan 25

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I can remember going for my regular annual check-up at the gynecologist’s office. Per usual, she asked me to raise my arm so she could do a breast exam. Afterward, she said, “Tiffiny you have really dense breast tissue and I cannot tell whether what I am feeling is just tissue or a lump. I’d like to make a referral for you to get a mammogram”.

I was more than a little shocked given that I was only 35 years old and most women don’t start getting mammograms until they are 40 years of age. I was also slightly concerned given that several of my family member had various types of cancer and my mother and paternal grandmother had breast cancer.

Needless to say, I made the appointment, got my first mammogram, and the results came back negative.

When Should You Get a Mammogram?

Now, since I am past the age of 40, I get my mammogram yearly. A mammogram is simply a 3-d x-ray of the breast. This type of modern technology has helped many women identify early-stage breast cancer before it progresses to other parts of the breast or body.

Why Mammograms Are Important

When caught early, most women have a 99% chance of breast cancer survival given the treatment options available.

Most health insurance plans cover mammogram exams as they are considered preventative care. However, for women that don’t have insurance, there are some states that offer free mammograms or low-cost mammograms. You can learn more here.


Part of creating a happier, more fulfilled life is taking care of your body and overall health. Health prevention is a vital step to feeling good, vibrant and confident.

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