Why You’re Not Losing Weight (It’s Not Your Diet or Exercise!)

By Tiffiny J. Fambro | Confidence

Mar 23

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Have you ever wondered why you’re not losing weight? If so, you aren’t alone.

One of the highest money-making industries in the U.S. is the weight loss, health, and fitness industry. The reason why this industry can make so much money is that so many people want to learn how to either lose weight or start improving their physical fitness levels.

Every time you turn on the television you see commercials about shakes that will help you lose “5lbs in your first week” or stationary bike companies that make it “easy to have an adventure” as you ride while watching a live instructor. Or, you’ll see commercials about diet pills that tell you how they can “reduce your appetite” while keeping you energized throughout the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big proponent of health and wellness. However, after years of working in the fitness industry, I can tell you that shakes, bikes, and diet pills are not the “holy grails” that are going to help you lose weight or maintain a certain fitness level.

The Main Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight

What is going to help you stay consistent with your weight loss or fitness goals is the level of your confidence. The reason confidence is so key to making such a huge shift is because confidence is a mindset.

Anytime you have a desire to make a major change in your life you must be willing to change your mindset. You must be able to allow yourself to see the person you want to become, get clear on the reason why you want to make this change, and the reason must be something that will push you through even when times get tough.

How Building Your Confidence Will Help You Lose Weight

Building your confidence will help you understand that you deserve the best that life has to offer which includes feeling vibrant, happy, and alive every day.

Building your confidence will help you decrease the amount of time you spend around toxic, negative people, conditions, or experiences. Building your confidence will give you the courage to prioritize yourself, your needs, and your peace.

Once you can increase your joy, know with certainty your worthiness, and not allow yourself to settle for less, you will automatically start doing things that make your feel physically better, such as walking outside more, dancing to happy music, being more social around people, and eating when you are hungry versus eating to fill an emotional void.


Building my confidence was a game-changer for me when I started my weight loss journey years ago. It has been the foundation that not only helped me lose the weight off my body but also helped me lose the weight of stress off my mind and soul.

If you are in a place where you want to build confidence and start working on your health, then take a look at my course, The Confident Women’s Healthy Lifestyle Guide.

About the Author

Tiffiny has a B.A. in Psychology, and master’s degree in Public Health Education. She worked in consulting for over 16 years, as well as previously owning a fitness and health business. In her personal life, she used personal development, mindset and health strategies to go from being overworked in a demanding corporate career, emotionally drained in a toxic marriage, physically unhealthy, and depressed to becoming an award-winning figure level bodybuilding athlete and entrepreneur. As a women’s empowerment coach, she works to help women get clear on their goals, build confidence, increase self-esteem, take action on their deep desires and create a life they love

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